Hair Cuts

Great hair cuts every day at Tevez Cut. Different customers have different requests from basic graded hair cuts to perm style and faded cuts. What ever it is our talented barbers with their experience are keen to deliver excellence in their service.

Hair Styles

At Tevez Cut new styles are made every day and we always follow the fashion hair trend in our barber shop. What is your hair style bring it to the table and we will make sure you walk out with a fresh styled look.

Skin Fades

Skin fades from grade 0.5 to 0. There are many hair styles that suite the skin fade look. With the new fashion and trend majority of customers with short hair prefer the skin fade look. Our barbers deliver great low or high fades with various hair style finishes.

Pattern Designs

Have a pattern design in mind? Bring it to the table and let us bring your design to life creating a unique pattern design and blending it in with perfection with your hair style making you look fresh.

Children’s Cut

We also offer children’s cuts at Tevez Cut for £7. We have had children walk out with fancy pattern designs and hair styles from our barber shop on request. Children are looking fresh and trendy with their amazing looking hair styles.

Visit Us Today for a Fresh Hair Cut – Walk in Welcome